Showroom for the good life

When’s What Happening?

When’s What Happening?

When’s What Happening?

Luxurious hotel with character, a spa, and a first-class restaurant in the Bregenzerwald, Austria. Brimming with art, surrounded by excellent architecture, and frequented by intriguing personalities. A place for the good life.

Cool Drinks, Warm Lights & Hearts. Restaurant Hirschen

Surrounded by Beauty — between Lake Constance and Arlberg

Some may call it a boutique hotel, others perhaps a wellness hotel or luxury spa? Whatever the label, for us, it’s simply a place where life is good.

«On this bench, where seconds turn into eternities, even the most restless souls find their peace. Surrounded by the gentle presence of the wonderfully immutable.»

— Nina Mohimi

The Hirschen has been observing the hustle and bustle in the town square since 1755 – drawing inspiration from its rich tapestry of life. Who are we and what do we do? About

Schwarzenberg is renowned for its historic center. However, we encourage you to take a leisurely stroll around its periphery as well. There’s much to explore beyond.

There’s actually never a reason why one shouldn’t be sitting at the Hirschen Bar. Public Spaces at Hotel Hirschen