Fine hotel with wellness & spa in the Bregenzerwald

Spa, Bathhouse, Pool & Garden

Spa, Bathhouse,
Pool & Garden

Overview of Offerings

Overview of Offerings

Overview of Offerings

Opening Hours & FAQ

Opening Hours & FAQ

Opening Hours & FAQ

The Hirschen is a place where life is simply good. It always has been, but now more than ever.

We are surrounded by the cultural landscape of the Bregenzerwald, characterized by extraordinary nature and architecture. Our guests now experience the essence of this region and our savoir vivre in the new Hirschen Spa.

Starting May 2024.

Spa & Wellness at the Hirschen

What’s good for you, you must decide for yourself. However, if you’re inclined to explore that a bit, we’ve created the perfect environment for you.

In our new spa and wellness area, you’ll find water, nature, craftsmanship, art, indulgence, and ample space. We’re delighted to introduce you to our world of well-being.

Discover our new Spa and Wellness Concept

Discover our new Spa and Wellness Concept

Discover our new Spa and Wellness Concept

The iconic bathhouse by NONA Architects

One of a kind: The Bathrobe Bar

The Hirschen Bar isn’t a place for bathrobes. That’s why we now have our very own Bathrobe Bar in the new spa area. Grab a fine bottle from our wine cabinet, contemplate life’s mysteries, or indulge in lively discussions. This is a space for exchanging ideas, forging new connections, and rekindling old friendships. And, naturally, it’s perfect for enjoying a few drinks.

Our new garden is inspired by the renowned Dutch gardener Piet Oudolf. It’s a retreat surrounding the bathhouse, brimming with life and filled with hidden corners.

Spa & Wellness
around the Hirschen

We enjoy creating beautiful spaces. However, nature still crafts the most magnificent ones.

Explore enchanting natural spots in and around Schwarzenberg, immersing yourself in enchanted forests, alpine herb meadows, and refreshing mountain streams.

The Bregenzerwald folk aren’t a loud bunch. But when it comes to their passions, they embrace them with fervor and joy.

Whether it’s hiking in the mountains or simply sitting on a bench — as long as one has an eye for beauty, that’s all that matters.

One can dive into the Bregenzerache like this. But one doesn’t have to dive into the Bregenzerache like this. Either way, it’s worth diving into the Bregenzerache at least once.

Peter loves to run in the mountains. He likes it best here.

This image was captured by Eric van den Elsen for Vogue Living. If you’re curious about their take on Hirschen, we recommend clicking here to read more.