Blog — Hirschen, fine hotel in the Bregenzerwald

Schwarzenberg´s Infinity

Upon arrival in our village, one immerses oneself in the world of infinite Bregenzerwald.

In the classic tradition of Bregenzerwald farmhouses, the village center of Schwarzenberg appears. Shingle by shingle. Wood upon wood.  

The arrangement of the shingles can be interpreted in two ways. On one hand, it represents the diligence of Bregenzerwald craftsmanship, and on the other hand, it symbolizes the enduring nature of tradition. Even at the Hirschen, it occasionally becomes necessary to replace one of the hundreds of thousands of shingles in order to preserve the infinity of the overall artwork. The thing itself is the shingle, the appearance the boundlessness of the shingled house.  

Wooden shingles are equally typical and practical, embodying the essence of the 'forest'. They meet high standards in terms of insulation and living climate, and are an integral part of the architectural beauty of the Bregenzerwald, whether in modern or traditional construction.  

We invite you to take a few minutes to contemplate the house facade and jot down your thoughts about it.  

For more information on traditional Bregenzerwald house construction, visit the website of Schwarzenberg Tourism.

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