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Modern bus stop
Modern bus stop
Modern bus stop

BUS:STOP or the most beautiful Bus Stops you have ever seen

In cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien and the Vorarlberger Architecture Institute, seven architectural firms from around the world were invited to design seven bus stops. In close collaboration with local craftsmen, seven 'waiting huts' were built in 2014 - as a tribute to the use of traditional materials, skilled manufacturing techniques, and the landscape. And thus what continues to characterize the region to this day: an interplay of human and nature, tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and architectural culture.

7 completely individual, aesthetic bus stops have been created - for once, one enjoys waiting for the bus.

You can reach Krumbach by car in about 20 minutes. Or, fittingly, you can take the bus and admire the bus shelters as you pass by.

The 7 bus stops

  • Bus stop Bränden
    Sou Fujimoto, Japan

  • Bus stop Unterkrumbach Süd
    Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Belgium

  • Bus stop Unterkrumbach Nord
    Ensamble Studio, Spain

  • Bus stop Zwing
    Smiljan Radic, Chile

  • Bus stop Oberkrumbach
    Alexander Brodsky, Russia

  • Bus stop Moos
    Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Norway

  • Bus stop Glatzegg
    Wang Shu, Ly Wenyu, China

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