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Bregenzerwald's architecture

Through a distinct architectural style characterized by traditional craftsmanship and abundant use of wood, the Bregenzerwald region offers much to architecture aficionados. Here are some excursion tips for you:

1 | Werkraumhaus, Andelsbuch 

The platform showcasing Bregenzerwald craftsmanship with rotating exhibitions is within an hour's walk.

2 | Kapelle Salgenreuthe & Moorsitze, Krumbach

Nestled like a gem in the Krumbach moor area, the Salgenreute chapel was designed by Bernardo Bader and built in wood and stone. It emerged from a creative process of planning and building, marked by an extraordinary collaboration between Krumbach citizens, craftsmen, and the architect. Just a short distance away, 14 moor seats invite contemplation of the moors and landscapes. Pure soul wellness!

3 | Umgang Bregenzerwald
Discover how the people of Bregenzerwald interact with their living spaces on the "Umgang Bregenzerwald" circular paths. The "12 Paths to Design" lead through 13 villages. Each route has a brochure with fascinating information about the respective buildings. Occasionally, guided tours are also available - we highly recommend them as you'll gain even more background information.

Also located in Krumbach, you'll find the Bus:Stop project bus shelters - which don't resemble bus stops at first glance. 7 renowned architects from around the world were tasked with redesigning the bus stops. The realized shelters engage with the location and emphasize the respective views. They also incorporate typical elements from the Bregenzerwald, such as the parlor, stacked wood, or the forest.

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