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5 Must-Dos for the Culturally Curious

The Hirschen lies in a unique cultural landscape, surrounded by things that you, as a culture enthusiast, absolutely must see. Culturally and architecturally, the Bregenzerwald is brimful of absolute gems. Around here, caftsmanship still holds great importance.

Here are our recommendations for you:

1 | Angelika Kauffmann Museum

Angelika Kauffmann, the daughter of a Schwarzenberg family, was a remarkable woman. A woman who lived in her time and yet was far ahead of it. Her studio was frequented by the art world's elite. The Angelika Kauffmann Museum is our neighbor.

2 | Bus:Stop in Krumbach

7 bus stop shelters were designed by 7 international architects in a slightly different way – but see for yourself. Taking a bus ride through Krumbach is definitely worth it.

3 | Werkraum Bregenzerwald

The showcase for Bregenzerwald's craftsmanship culture. In addition to the craftsmen's exhibits, there is a constantly changing special exhibition. We recommend the 1-hour walk via the reservoir to Andelsbuch. PS: We are a partner hotel of the Werkraum. That means you get discounted admission.

4 | Juppenwerkstatt in Riefensberg

The "Juppe" is one of the oldest and most valuable traditional costumes in Europe. In the Juppenwerkstatt, this elaborate dress is still handmade – it's truly impressive to see the work behind it.

5 | Umgang Bregenzerwald – Architectural Walks

The interaction of people in the Bregenzerwald with their environment is the theme of specially designated paths through villages in the region. Those who walk them learn about selected objects, seeing how people here have shaped and continue to shape their lives. The tourist associations regularly offer guided architectural walks.

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