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A smaller world

So, if you do indeed decide to comb through this beautiful Austria of ours from top to toe: here are a few suggestions for rewarding places to visit. (Also make a brief detour to South Tyrol, it’s worth it!

In Vienna, you should definitely go a little bohémien and spend a few nights at the Altstadt Vienna. Continue west and treat your palate to the excellent cuisine of the Rachingers at the Mühltalhof. Departing from there, make a beeline for lunch or dinner with the Grabmers at the Waldschänke in Grieskirchen - a particularly enjoyable place. 

In Salzburg, allow yourself to discover Hotel Auersperg, a genuine inner-city oasis. Now forge forth into the Pongau region, to a mecca of good taste in the form of the Seehof in Goldegg. Making your way deeper into the valley or, more accurately, right up to the mountains at the valley head - you will find one of the most beautiful views imaginable at Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein.

From there, make a detour into South Tyrol in order to pay a visit to Villa Arnica. You will be quite astonished to see the detail with which a 1920s villa can be renovated. Now, it is but a stone's throw before you will be able to experience hospitality par excellence, at the wonderful Ottmangut in Merano. 

At this point, you will gradually begin your approach to Bregenzerwald over the beautiful Arlberg, where we highly recommend a stop-off at the Berghof in Lech. Then, drop down to Bregenzerwald proper. As soon as the mountains become more gentle, you will pass Bizau, where you should certainly pause to enjoy the organic garden cuisine (& great service) of the Schwanen.

It is not much farther now before the 260-year-old doors of the Hirschen will open to greet you. In the very heart of historic Schwarzenberg, surrounded by gentle nature, filled with art, history and characters that are certain to enrich your stay.