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Hirschen-inspired reading and listening recommendations

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An excerpt from the media focusing on the Hirschen, Schwarzenberg or Bregenzerwald.

In this opinion podcast with Johannes Schmidle on Radio Vorarlberg, Peter Fetz talks about his life as a hotelier in Schwarzenberg & why travel is so important.

Echoes Magazine, with Marie Zieger and Katharina Zimmermann, paid a visit to the Hirschen and interviewed Peter Fetz about topics that included aesthetics, cuisine and travel. One of the most beautiful online magazines there is.

Titus Arnu visited Bregenzerwald in order to discover why the classic Wirtshaus continues to thrive here, despite current trends to the contrary. During that visit, he also stopped by the Hirschen and sampled our Chef‘s Choice Menu.

In Episode 8, Stefan Sagmeister talks about the importance of beautiful things and his time in Schwarzenberg, where he spent a few months during his third sabbatical.

Joachim Mangard asks Peter Fetz about the challenges of taking over a traditional establishment, whether innovation has its place and how he remembers his childhood at the Hirschen.