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Summer 2020

A summer unlike any other

Did I forget to draw the curtains? The sunshine is definitely getting in my eyes. But it is summer after all & and I should make the most of the day.

So: a brief shower, get dressed, go to breakfast. I can definitely feel yesterday’s hike in my upper thighs a little. Good to know, though, that they still work so well after the extended Corona lockdown. It really was quite beautiful yesterday up on the Bödele.

2 fried eggs sunny side up with ham will hopefully make up for the second bottle of wine from yesterday evening. But what can you do, our evening spent at Osteria Dell'Amore was simply splendid! You would think we would have been able to restrain ourselves. But perhaps this isn’t the right time for that just yet.

No matter, it smells really good here. Before the eggs arrive, I think I’ll pour myself a kombucha. Which also happens to be good preparation for our morning yoga session a little later.

My waitress yesterday told me that the Bregenzer Ache is a good place to go swimming. I’m going to give that a try today – plus, I’m really intrigued to see how this detective story I’m reading pans out.

But anyhow, for now I’m going to quickly pop back up to my room before I ...


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