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A summer breeze wafts gently across the land

Summer Escapes

The summer breeze wafts gently across the land and a colorful array of flowers burgeons into full bloom, celebrating this place we are so fortunate to call home.

Is summer the most beautiful season of the year? That’s not our decision to make, though we don’t only feel those rays of sunshine on our skin, but also in our heart: Summer allows warmth to reside within us. To the left and right of the path, the fruitful earth of Bregenzerwald attains its full magnificence, everything grows, everything thrives. A sweet summer wind carries us across the land, and at the end of the day, exhausted, we land on the banks of the Bregenzer Ache. Bathing in the cold mountain water, our life spirits are reawakened anew. Even in the late evening, the light summer air at Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg is still filled with life.

Ripe fruits, roasted meats, fine red wines. As the opulent odors of good food, summer also passes by far too quickly. Though here at the Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg, we do everything we can to preserve it: We capture the aromas of the region in our pans, then set them free again on the plates of our guests. In this way, you can extend time itself, relish every moment and savor each minute of your summer holiday to the full. Blissfully enjoying the summer – accompanied by a good glass of wine – at Hotel Hirschen you will find a home where your heart finally finds the peace and quiet it has craved for so long.

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Insider tips for your holiday in the Bregenzerwald

5 Must-Do’s in Summer

1 | Hike to Alpe Rothenbach
A hidden place, away from the well-trodden paths and absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, watch the cows as they graze – this is wellness for the soul. You can begin your hike either from right here at the Hirschen or ride the bus to the Bödele and set out from there. We also recommend a refreshment stop at the Weißenfluh-Alpe.

2 | Cool off in the Bregenzerache
Dare to leap into the cold water. Either to wake up in the morning or cool down after an extended hike – this river is always gloriously refreshing!

3 | Hirschenau: Wellness for the soul
Grab a book from our library along with a bottle of white wine, then enjoy the afternoon stretched out on a lounge chair in our Hirschenau garden. A wonderful place to do absolutely nothing at all.

4 | Werkraum Bregenzerwald
Are you interested in architecture and local arts & crafts? In that case, you should definitely pay a visit to Werkraum Bregenzerwald in Andelsbuch. We recommend taking the one-hour walk via the reservoir to Andelsbuch.

5 | Shopping in the Käsladen
Before you leave Bregenzerwald again, you should definitely pay a visit to the Käsladen, a cheese shop run by Hedi Berchtold, a great opportunity to take a little piece of Bregenzerwald back home with you.


Summer getaways for the soul

  • Historic hotel on the village square in Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg
  • Inn with a 265-year history and the Wälderhaus featuring traditional Bregenzerwald architecture
  • 36 rooms and suites, each uniquely furnished, exquisitely elegant, refuges of tranquility
  • In the rooms: artworks for your enjoyment, select pieces from the Fetz family’s personal collection
  • In the restaurant: artistry to savor courtesy of the fine cuisine conjured up by toque-awarded chef Jonathan Burger

  • Sensuous sensory enjoyment thanks to carefully composed dishes and fine wines

  • Stylish places of sweet idleness: fireside room and Art Garden, hotel bar and wellness area

  • Spa with an atmosphere and charisma all its own: Sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin and Kneipp spa