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Sunlight and mists of autumn in Bregenzerwald

Autumn Gold

Sunlight, wisps of mist, swaths of colorful leaves, as nature slowly lays itself down in repose.

Yellow. Red. Gold. Autumn transforms the lush green of summer into an infinite sea of colors. Blended in with the golden glow, the subtle-though-predictable recognition: All life is rooted in nature. Soon, nature will be covered in a gentle blanket of snow, allowing it to slumber quietly until stirred again by the arrival of springtime. Just like the migrating birds, our guests are drawn irresistibly into the outside world, immersing themselves in the golden radiance.

When the autumn colors slowly fade from the leaves, here at Hotel Hirschen, life continues as colorful as ever: Gray autumnal hours are gilded by leisurely idleness and melodies. Several times a year, we invite guests to our Wälderness Music Salon. When the leaves fall, as if remote gardens in the heavens far above were wilting, we gather around a crackling fireplace or by candlelight, celebrating the warm, cozy atmosphere and good conversation at Hotel Hirschen.

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Insider tips for your holiday in the Bregenzerwald

Must visits on autumnal days

In recent times, we have grown accustomed to the new ways of the weather. So now and then, rain does still fall. Which is a good thing! If it didn’t, the meadows of Bregenzerwald simply wouldn’t be as beautifully luscious they are. And without those meadows, there would be no farming, without farming we would have to forego those full-flavored mountain cheeses. When we bear that in mind, even a rainy day has its own special appeal! We have compiled a few tips for how you can turn rainy days into an array of unforgettable moments.

For culture fans
Have you ever heard the word «Juppe» before? It is an iconic folk costume worn by the ladies of Bregenzerwald. At the Juppe Workshop in Riefensberg, about 30 minutes away, you can learn about all the elaborate steps that go into manufacturing one of these dresses. Only a few women in Bregenzerwald have the skills to do so. Since we are on the topic of craftsmanship:  The Werkraum in Andelsbuch is also well worth a visit. There, you will be able to experience the extraordinary range arts & crafts based in the Bregenzerwald region.

For hardy hiking fans
The hiking path through the Fohramoos moorlands at the Bödele is irresistibly appealing in the rain and fog. At times such as these, the atmosphere there is quite unique. The walk itself takes about one hour. Afterwards, it will be time to warm up over a hot cup of tea and homemade cake enjoyed in the fireside room. Accompanied, perhaps, by a good book recently plucked from the shelves of our own in-house Hirschen library.

For animal lovers
Also, be sure to stop by the farm run by Ingo Metzler. His project «Nature – up close and personal» gives visitors the opportunity to experience the «farm» theme – and everything that entails – in every way: including the imposing open-pen cowshed, the turbulent goat house with visitor gallery, a small animal petting zone, herb garden, along with cheese production, whey-based beauty products and an outstanding shop where they sell farm products.

For culinary aficionados
Take advantage of a rainy day to pay a visit to Hedi Berchtold at the Käsladen (a cheese shop right in Schwarzenberg). Only the very best cheeses from Bregenzerwald ever end up in her cheese cellar. Afterwards, we recommend a detour to the Vinothek of Martin Fink in Andelsbuch. There, you will find an outstanding selection of fine wines and receive outstanding advice.

For inspiration seekers
Why not tune into the «Wald und Welt | Bregenzerwald Podcast» and take an acoustical journey through the region. We will meet interesting personalities, discover inspiring creativity, expose ourselves to whole new worlds and explore the Bregenzerwald in greater depth.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here are a few more recommendations:
• Angelika Kauffmann Museum (Schwarzenberg)
• Vorarlberg Museum (Bregenz)
• Ride on the Wälderbähnle (Schwarzenberg - Bezau)
• Buy a dirndl dress at Trachten Rainer (Andelsbuch)
• Hirschen Spa with two saunas and infrared cabin
• Read in the fireside room or simply do nothing at all

Needless to say, all of these activities are also highly recommended in the sunshine as well!


A place to be, a place to stay

  • We continue a long tradition. With innovative ideas, we proudly step forward into the future looking back on a history that spans over 265 years.
  • We are dedicated to the good life. Carefree gatherings at Hotel Hirschen are always pleasantly beneficial – for people as well as our immediate surroundings.
  • We choose sensuous sensory enjoyment. In our kitchen, we only use carefully selected food products that we then prepare with care.
  • We invite travelers to be, to stay. In our historic inn and the traditional Bregenzerwald architecture of the Wälderhaus, restless spirits find a place of repose.
  • We love conversations with charm and character. Our house nurtures genuine encounters – in the Art Garden and fireside room, as well as the classic confines of our hotel bar.
  • We appreciate good art. At Hotel Hirschen, you will learn to enjoy art. In Bregenzerwald, you will encounter artistic architecture along with unique cultural experiences.