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Beneath a sky as soft as silk

Spring Moments

Beneath a sky as soft as silk, the countryside burgeons and grows. A wild garden of lush green.

In springtime, Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg becomes a seed of good thoughts, a greenhouse for good conversations, a hotbed for the good life. We belong to the avantgarde and are committed to simplicity in all things: Allow yourself time to experience the awakening of nature, find an hour to listen to the grass grow, keep to yourself for a while and sense the change – both internally and externally. With springtime, a whole new life cycle begins.

At Hotel Hirschen, we pride ourselves on being able to think things through from start to finish: We love to get to the bottom of things. We see the spring as a time of renewal. We recommend to our guests that they get out into nature – exploring meandering pathways and trails – so that they may consciously experience this sense of renewal. Treat yourself to a time of inner reflection, in a place where you have nothing else to do but enjoy. Only that. No more and no less.

We will gladly take care of your request personally

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Where we most like to hike

Our favorite hikes in the mild spring air

1 | Achauenrundweg – also recommended in high temperatures
Hirschen – Moos – Bregenzerache – Schwarzen – Wies – Hirschen | 2 h

2 | Weißenfluhalpe – the favorite of senior owner Franz
Hirschen – Klausberg – Weißenfluhalpe – Rotenbachschrofen – Klausberg – Schwarzenberg | 3.5 h

3 | Blaserwaldrunde – also ideal for a short jog
Hirschen – Moos – Zur Egg – Hirschen | 45 min

4 | Hochälpele – wonderful scenery
Bödele – Hochälpele – Gschwendtalpe – Bregenzer Hütte – Rotenbachschrofen – Klausberg – Schwarzenberg | 2.5 h

6 | Fohrenmoos – impressive moorland landscapes
Bödele – Fohrenmoos – Bödele | 1 h

7 | Berchtoldshöhe
Hirschen – Lorena – Bergvorsäß – Geißkopf – Bödele | 2 h


A place to be, a place to stay

  • We continue a long tradition. With innovative ideas, we proudly step forward into the future looking back on a history that spans over 265 years.
  • We are dedicated to the good life. Carefree gatherings at Hotel Hirschen are always pleasantly beneficial – for people as well as our immediate surroundings.
  • We choose sensuous sensory enjoyment. In our kitchen, we only use carefully selected food products that we then prepare with care.
  • We invite travelers to be, to stay. In our historic inn and the traditional Bregenzerwald architecture of the Wälderhaus, restless spirits find a place of repose.
  • We love conversations with charm and character. Our house nurtures genuine encounters – in the Art Garden and fireside room, as well as the classic confines of our hotel bar.
  • We appreciate good art. At Hotel Hirschen, you will learn to enjoy art. In Bregenzerwald, you will encounter artistic architecture along with unique cultural experiences.