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Bregenzerwald. Enriching year-round.


What a privilege it is to live in a place that has seasons.

At Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, not only do you breathe the languid heat of summer and the crisp chill of winter, but all of those nuances that lie in between. The gently caressing fragrance of springtime as well as the acerbic smells of autumn. It is this very diversity that makes Bregenzerwald unique.

At our historic house in the middle of Schwarzenberg, you feel the transition from one season to the next intimately. Find a place that speaks to you, that tells you something of the centuries-long traditions of Bregenzerwald, of pure enjoyment, body and soul, of the close ties between mankind and nature, in short: of the good life.

Summer & Culture

Summer escapes, festivals, long evenings spent outdoors.


Autumn Gold

Warm colors, sweet idleness, autumn cooking.


White Pillows

Snowy landscapes, ski touring and Wälderness evenings.


Lazy Spring

Good reading, good cuisine, good conversations.


No matter what time of year

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