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Sharp thinking - Alfred-Herrhausen-room

"We must say what we think. We must do what we say. We must also be what we do."

This was the motto of Alfred Herrhausen, former head of the Deutsche Bank. For him, the Hirschen was a contrast to the international banking world and yet a place of concentration for his astute analysis.

Franz Fetz once commented on this regular guest, who became his own personal friend: "Never before or never since have I met a man with such incredible charisma." More than two decades after his death, this man of steel and velvet is still considered one of the most brilliant managers who was way ahead of his time. 

Area & Seating

Seating in the Alfred Herrhausen Saal can be arranged in the following ways. An expansion is also possible with the Paul Renner Raum. Bookable for 10 or more people.

Alfred-Herrhausen-Saal72m²20 pers.20 pers.18 pers.40 pers.
Saal with Paul-Renner-Raum
115m²35 pers.30 pers.24 pers.80 pers.