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Holidays in Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald close to nature


When the land becomes a landscape ...

We don’t merely go, no, we embark on a pathway! We place one foot before the next, take the first step and move through a landscape that is practically beyond compare. It matters not, whether we set out as hikers, mountain bikers, gravel- or E-bikers: What is important, is being in motion amid nature – along circuitous paths, dead-straight forestry roads, curving mountain passes. A network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists crisscrosses the Bregenzerwald and brings us to the most beautiful, most tranquil and most scenic places in the entire land.

A holiday at Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg is always a holiday close to nature: The routes and tours through nature virtually all begin outside the Hirschen’s front door, in Schwarzenberg. As travelers, guests come to us in order to observe the world. How wonderful that there is so much to see right at our doorstep! Gaze upon the untamed countryside and immediately fall in love at first sight. Whenever you have seen your fill for the day, Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg eagerly greets your return. Seek rejuvenation in nature and find genuine relaxation.

Nature is waiting outside

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