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Active holidays in Vorarlberg: Exploring Bregenzerwald through sports


When your heart beats sky-high ...

We aren’t just running, no, we are in motion! An active stay in Bregenzerwald is a reenergizing experience for mind and body. Out riding your bicycle – be that a gravel bike, E-bike or mountain bike – your eyes can also roam off into the distance. And when you are walking or jogging, your thoughts are also able to go awandering wherever they please, even far, far away. Upon your return to Hotel Hirschen, you will be pleasantly exhausted and gloriously refreshed.

The Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg is a refuge for travelers who want to add motion to their lives – not only physically, but also cognitively. We know that staying in motion is also an inner frame of mind and wish for our guests that they have the required curiosity to joyfully embrace something new. In Bregenzerwald, you will not find "higher, faster, farther" – instead, together with our guests, we seek depth, slowness and that which endures from our many experiences.

Active holidays in the Bregenzerwald

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