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Not just a holiday, a genuine journey

Hotel in Bregenzerwald

Hotel Hirschen has committed itself to the good life. In Schwarzenberg. In the Bregenzerwald. In Vorarlberg.

Countryside which welcomes its guests like a soft bed: curtained by dense forests and fragrant meadows, borne by gentle hills beneath a bright sky, cosseted by the breathtaking atmosphere of the Vorarlberg mountain world. Bregenzerwald offers guests unique landscapes which – once visited – remain unforgettable. Here, everything is just as it should be: In the Bregenzerwald, it is neither too cold nor too hot, neither too still nor too stormy. Here with us in Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg, you will find absolute balance.

The Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is a stretch of land that makes the good life possible. In the unique cultural landscape which surrounds Schwarzenberg, it becomes clearly evident how humans and nature can indeed live together in harmony. The extraordinary architecture in Bregenzerwald has served as testimony to this togetherness for centuries: If mankind and nature, rather than working against one another, work for one another, a unique habitat results that is truly beyond compare. A stay at Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg promises both: the enjoyment of culture hand-in-hand with the joys of nature. We look forward to seeing you here.

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Welcome to our hotel

The Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg is located in the center of the village, directly on the village square. You can confidently call it the "first house on the square", just as you can call Schwarzenberg "the most beautiful village in Vorarlberg". (No, we're not exaggerating.) The heritage-protected ensemble of 16 houses and the baroque church is simply unique. Already the exterior of the Hotel Hirschen will inspire you - convince yourself of our inner values!

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