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Art & Culture

The art collection of Franz Fetz could not be any more authentic, seeing that he has a personal connection to each picture or that the works have been connected to the Hirschen for many years.

You will find important works by artist and singer Angelika Kauffmann, probably the most famous woman from Schwarzenberg. Her uncle and asset manager, Johann Joseph Metzler, was the host of the Hirschen at that time and is the great-great-great-great-great grandfather of Franz Fetz. So, Franz possesses several original works such as her self-portrait in the Metzlerstube and original letters from Angelika Kauffmann to her uncle. Therefore, a kunst.zimmer in the Hirschen and also the museum of local history in Schwarzenberg, where you will find many other works of art, are dedicated to her. At the age of 16, she created the apostle frescoes as well as the picture of the Virgin Mary behind the altar in the parish church in this beautiful village.

Franz Metzler

The heart of Franz Fetz's art collection is constituted by the diverse art objects of his uncle Franz Metzler, to whom many of the rooms are dedicated. You can also stay in kunst.zimmern with works by Margit Nosko, Paul Renner, who worked here as an artist in residence, Aldo Mondino, Helmut King, Thomas Riss, Franz Schnell, Harry Metzler, and other Vorarlberg artists of the present.

As culture and history are so closely intertwined, other rooms are dedicated to historical figures who stayed at Hotel Hirschen in the Bregenzerwald. For example, King Maximilian of Bavaria stayed here on his journey through the Alps to Berchtesgaden. August, the king of Saxony, and his entourage enjoyed accommodations at the Hirschen while traveling to Tyrol. 

It is also worth mentioning that famous literary figure and poet Eduard Mörike spent his honeymoon at the Hirschen. The Eduard Mörike hiking path in Schwarzenberg commemorates this.


The fact that the Hirschen has influenced the culture and history of the Bregenzerwald is indicated in a book by Franz Michael Felder, who in his day enjoyed coming to the inn, because international newspapers were available to read. kunst.zimmer 4, whose rear wall survived the fire of 1750, is dedicated to him.

The Hirschen was also bestowed with the great Maria Theresa concession for trade of all kinds of goods. This allowed another ancestor of Franz Fetz to travel to Russia as a fur trader and acquire the material for the traditional Bregenzerwald hat, the "Juppe".

Many events at the Hirschen are also culturally interesting such as Wälderness, a concert series which the host created out of his passion for music and which combines treats for the ears and taste buds.

Twice a year, the nearby Angelika Kauffmann Saal in Schwarzenberg is host to the important concert series, the Schubertiade, which brings internationally renowned musicians and music lovers from all over the world to Schwarzenberg.

Also of great significance are the Bregenz Festival on the lake stage in summer, the concert series, Bezau Beatz, from July to September, and several museums in the region.

Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg in the Bregenzerwald has stood behind culture and regionality since the very beginning. Now, this philosophy has a name: kunst.hotel nach And with this, the image of this over 250 year old traditional house was sharpened. This is the basis of the life's work of patron Franz Fetz, who has left his mark on the hotel for over three centuries with his love of art and music.

His art collection could not be anymore authentic, because almost every work of art is closely connected to Hotel Hirschen and its interesting history. These works can be found throughout the entire house, in the original Bregenzerwälder dining areas of the restaurant, in the historic Landammannsaal, and in each of the 33 guest rooms.

The Hirschen in Schwarzenberg: a classic hotel with a young spirit that constantly reinvents itself.

The heart of the art collection is a cross-section of work by Schwarzenberg artist Franz Metzler. Out of principle, Franz Fetz's uncle did not sell a single one of the pictures. Therefore, you will find the majority of his diverse work at Hotel Hirschen in the Bregenzerwald: oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, mosaics, spray figurations, language arts, tapestries, leather works, etc.

You will also find letters from Angelika Kauffmann to her uncle Joseph Anton Metzler, the former host at the Schäfle and asset manager of the young artist. Joseph Anton Metzler is a direct ancestor of all Hirschen hosts and thus also Franz Fetz, who now runs the renowned 4-star hotel in Bregenzerwald in its 9th generation.

The collection also includes works by numerous Bregenzerwald and Vorarlberg artists such as Gottfried Bechtold, Tone Fink, Uwe Jäntsch, Leopold Fetz, Paul Renner, Paul Flora, Heinz Greissing, Rita Moosbrugger, Carmen Pfanner, Ernst Steininger, etc.